Today’s episode is with Vijayendra Mohanty (Vimoh to his friends). Vimoh describes himself as “An Indian creator. He writes essays, produces podcasts, and makes videos. His areas of interest are media, culture, and creativity. He is a comic book writer and has authored a ten-issue comic series called Ravanayan and is presently writing several new titles. In addition, he has been the co-creator of the YouTube channel Epified.” You can find links all of his work here.

I was apprehensive about this one as I’ve never done a podcast on Skype but thankfully it came out well. Our discussion takes us to some interesting places including the comic book business, growing up as a creative kid in pre-liberalization India and the nature of evil. Grab the episode here. Enjoy.

PS: In case you are wondering where I seem to have disappeared off to again, I’m currently covering from an injury that has left me effectively one handed for a while. I’m literally typing all of this with one hand and it categorically SUCKS. Pro tip: Never go sprinting on a path that is infested with monkeys. It’s a great way to ruin both your ligaments and your vacation. Until next time.