This is a “Good news, bad news” situation.

I had the second episode of the podcast ready to be uploaded on the 27th as planned. Or so I thought. What I had, it turns out, was a 90 minute audio file that was too damaged to salvage. My fault really, I didn’t realize that the hardware setup was ill suited for the environment we recorded in (sorry Angad). Bottom line, I’m gonna have to re-record. Its looks like the earliest I can manage to put episode #2 up will be in the first week of April.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that I learned a lot from that little debacle. As a result, I already have another three episodes in various stages of production right now. So even if one of them doesn’t go according to plan, there will be another two episodes in the kitty that I can count on.

There was always going to be a learning curve with this whole podcasting thing. Lets just chalk this one up to “lack of experience”.

Talk to y’all soon.