A country that’s had delusions of becoming a global superpower since the 80s, that cant wait to label every bumbling act by it’s duplicitous PM as “progressive”, that gleefully prosecutes people for the act of refusing to stand for a song that nobody understands the words to? That country just elected a honest to god, shit you not “yogi” as CM of its most populous state.

Not just a yogi though. Oh no, that would be a move up. No, this is a man whose cohort of fans include mobs of fanatics that dream of raping the corpses of dead muslim women. Publicly. With the world watching.  A guy who has himself been caught on camera vowing to “cleanse” non hindu women by throwing them into the loving arms of pious hindu men. That guy.

Nothing left to do now but wait for the army of bhakts to hail this as another master stroke by the messiah. It is 2017 and THIS is what “clean governance” looks like in the world’s largest democracy.

To quote the father of this nation “Hey Ram. Hey Ram. Hey Ram.”