It is a good day internet. Oh yes it is. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on these babies and after a LOT of dilly dallying on my part, I finally ordered myself a TRX Pro Suspension Trainer.

To be honest, I’m not exactly a total n00b when it comes to suspension training but it has been a while since I last used a pair of gymnastic rings or suspension straps. Its not that I’ve totally neglected my core. If anything, I’ve been happy with keeping my 6 pack since my teens. That being said, my recent foray into Shaolin Kung Fu just made me realize that visuals aside, there is certainly a lot more to having a strong core than a pretty package. Nothing like a good kick to the gut to give a man some perspective eh?

DHL was spot on with delivery. I would have received this yesterday but I wasn’t home. To clarify, I ordered the trainer on the 23rd of Jan. On the negative side, I did have to pay Rs 4418 in taxes (roughly USD 81). Not DHL’s fault but it does sting. Damn customs.

TRX Home set would be fine if it was just me using it but I do intend to put a few of my clients through some basic core/stabilizer conditioning. The Pro unit suits my needs just fine. Tempted as I was by the TRX Force Kit: Tactical, the extras do not justify the price in my opinion.

The box was a little smaller than I expected to be honest. Fine by me, I hate flamboyant packaging in any product. The box is made of sturdy cardboard and does not feel cheap at all.

Small it may be, but its still pretty. It gives an impression of good quality even before opening.

I’m actually impressed by how they got all of this into that lil box.

The piece de resistance.

The build quality of these things is better than what I remember  I’ve used TRX straps before (a few years ago on one of my ships). I’m guessing TRX must have changed their fabrication methods or something. Though the “made in China” label took me completely by surprise, there is no doubt that these straps are built to last.

Simple and effective. A door is all one needs to secure the straps. I cant wait to give these a go tomorrow.