The Total War series has always held a special place in my library. In particular, I’ve been very partial to Rome: Total War. The time period has always been of great interest to me. There is something about the Roman era that is simply captivating. My trip to Rome last year only cemented that relationship further.

Though the series has always favored fun over hardcore realism, it’s the closest to an “authentic” visual experience that any gamer can hope for. Nothing in the strategy space comes close to the sheer cinematic spectacle of what Creative Assembly has pulled off till now. Whether it be weathering a the brunt of a barbarian charge in the forests of Germania (Rome), or pitting two armies of katana wielding samurai against each other in feudal Japan (Shogun2) the sheer spectacle of epic battles is something that has to be seen to be believed.

I was excited enough when the sequel to Rome was announced. But then, this showed up yesterday:

To clarify, not all of what you just saw is pre-rendered cinematics. That’s in game footage folks. IN. GAME. In other words OMFG!

I’m gonna need a new rig.