Right, let me just get this out of my system:


Ok, I think I’m good now.

Unless you have been living under a rather large rock, you should know that the latest expansion to World of Warcraft is coming out today. There has been more than enough coverage about The mists of Panderia so I won’t bother going over stuff that by now is pretty much common knowledge.  I will however, point out some things that bear mentioning. Stuff that I literally found out about within the last hour while watching one of the many live streams of the North American launch event. Some of this is quite telling I think.

1)      Chris Metzen confirmed that the WoW movie is very much in production and Blizzard is “very happy” with the way its progressing (YAY!!).  Also, the story is going to be very familiar to old time players. I’m putting my money on the Arthas plotline. Can. Not. Wait.

2)      Metzen also dropped some hints about the next expansion stating that Turalyon and Alleria will have important roles to play. According to him, we shall be seeing a lot from those two as the players are “gonna need their help” for whatever’s coming. So I guess the Emerald Dream thing is not happening? Good. I hate green things.

3)      Challenge modes are going to be awesome. Seeing Blood Legion vs. Blizzard devs was AMAZING. Death knight tanks seemed to be a solid choice in the run I saw. Guess my DK is definitely staying as my main then.

4)      Warcraft 4 is not happening anytime soon. Aaaaw.

5)      Being a gamer in India sucks ass because we are never getting launch events here EVER. Blizzard isn’t saying that. I am.

But by far the most important takeaway was this:


I’ll see y’all in Azeroth.