Well hello world!
I should explain why I haven’t been seen here for a bit. There is no way of saying it without sounding lame but, for what it’s worth, here it is: I had way too much happening at once. The last 60 days have been beyond hectic. And a little unfortunate as well. Most of April had me making regular trips to the doctor and the medications prescribed left me drained. I actually had a couple of posts good to go in the last week of April but a WordPress update went horribly wrong and wiped out everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Luckily I had a backup that was good till the DA2 review so “Whew!” But the real kicker was the holiday that Naina (my wife) and I took to Canada which basically swallowed the entire month of May. So essentially, not only have I not played anything, I have been out of touch with all that’s been going on in the PC gaming world. The rest of the world too, to be honest.
That is all soon set to change however. The Crysis 2 review (which was one of the things that I lost in April) is being rewritten, and I have Dawn of War Retribution and Shogun 2 lined up next. As soon as I see a good deal on the Witcher 2, that’s getting done as well. But what I’m most looking forward to is Deus Ex Human Revolution. I’m actually having dreams about that one.
So yeah, sorry for the Houdini act. Stay tuned.

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